The Cup

The proper characteristics of an espresso cup are an integral part of the espresso quality. With the ideal cup it is possible to fully appreciate the look of the excellent crèma, the precious smell and the warm and smooth taste of espresso.

Material – hard porcelain is the best material, as it ensures good heat conduction, excellent resistance to thermal shock and to impact, good hygiene and a shine.

Shape – a large cube shape will break the creaminess of the espresso, however, a conical or concave form with a rounded base but without a large top, truncated inside, increases the persistence of the crèma.
Width – this calibrates the temperature of the extract/serving. It should be wide at the base and tapering at the edge, to provide a pleasant sensation upon contact with the lip rim of the cup.
Volume – the correct cup size is 50-60 ml, for 25 ml of espresso.
Handle – should be comfortable with a practical grip.
Temperature – the cup must be dry and hot (around 104 ° F) to sustain the espresso’s cohesion, temperature, and color of the crèma.
Color – a translucent white color is more appropriate because it facilitates appraisal of the espresso and brings out its characteristics.