The Passion

For the truly passionate purists, espresso is the quintessential method of coffee preparation and consumption–velvety, rich and aromatic all encompassed within a tiny little shot. Espresso consists of a natural layer of crèma floating above a heavenly full-bodied, yet perfectly balanced thick elixir below. When superlatively accomplished, espresso is nothing short of a true miraculous combination of chemistry, physics, science and art perfectly intertwined.

Authentic espresso’s preparation is a basic process, but it hinges on execution as a matter of training, experience and understating all variables on the finished shot. Espresso ideally starts by freshly grinding good quality fresh beans perfectly and designed to be extracted using this purest of methods. The art of espresso extraction is to expertly calibrate the grind, proficiently dose the exact amount of coffee into the portafilter, and then artfully temp it with just the right amount of force.

Even with today’s technologically advanced, super automatic espresso machines they still require the proper vigilance from its user and quite often some recalibration in order to produce a perfect espresso.

Simply described the process of espresso extraction is the flow of a jet of hot water that passes under pressure through a hockey puck-like layer of finely ground and tamped coffee. Perfection depends on the purists love and understanding of the art of espresso. Done right, the result is a pure sensorial pleasure that must be enjoyed immediately.