Espresso Ritual

The name says it all, an espresso is to be freshly prepared and enjoyed immediately.

To the coffee purists, espresso is the quintessential coffee preparation method – rich, aromatic and velvety all at once; a natural layer of crèma on top belying a full-bodied, yet deftly balanced liquid below. When ideally realized, a small miracle of chemistry, physics, science and art merges into perfection in a cup.

Espresso’s authentic preparation starts by using fresh beans blended and perfectly roasted for this purest of methods. But espresso’s proper execution is a prerequisite to its quality and is a matter for the art of the barista. The formula for success is clear and basic, calibrate the grind, expertly tamp the right amount of coffee, and keep a close watch on time, temperature and pressure. Even today’s most advanced, espresso machines require attentiveness while a little pure sensorial pleasure called espresso is brewed.

Espresso coffee culture has spread rapidly throughout the world but with all the remarkable differences in preparation methods and consumption habits from country to country, espresso is still a uniquely authentic Italian ritual.

Italy is espresso’s birthplace. Naples is credited with creating much of espresso’s modern character. Enjoying an espresso at an Italian café means the discovery of perfection in a cup.

Within a cup of perfectly made espresso there are pleasures awaiting to be discovered by your every sense.  An excellent espresso activates four-sensations – smell, sound, touch, and sight which interact with one and another to create a greater pleasure that triggers the intellect, imagination and much more.

Espresso is like no other beverage in the world. It has exclusive beneficial effects on the mind and the body. It improves clarity and concentration, motivates creativity, cuddles the senses and evokes countless sensations and memories.   While espresso has more caffeine than most beverages in general, a shot of espresso has about half or less of the caffeine of a cup of drip brewed coffee.

Espresso is not just another drink; it is a beverage that touches the lives and bridges cultural differences of millions every day around the world.