The Barrie House Taste

There is a unique coffee taste and aroma that is all our own regardless whether it is a blend or single origin coffee. This unique and distinct Barrie House taste is derived from carefully selected coffee beans purchased by us from estates spanning four continents, prized for their individual character and contribution to our artisanal coffees.

Each one of our coffees is designed and fine tuned for the pleasure of passionate coffee consumers who appreciate all that coffee can and should be.

Our obsession is driven by the simple concept of providing an unparalleled coffee experience delivered by a simple set of principles:

  • Leverage our 74 years of experience
  • Unmatched knowledge of coffee science
  • Incomparable artisan skill at roasting
  • Commitment to investing in innovative enabling technologies
  • A devotion to providing you an experience that delights all five senses

The secret to the Barrie House Taste is based upon the belief that each coffee should be delicious, distinct, perfectly balanced, delightfully aromatized and always consistently capture the unique Barrie House taste, cup after cup.

Barrie House master blenders are experts in coffee bean selection, and tasting and are known as “Cuppers” Each one contributing with their special skills ideal for determining the particular bean that become part of the coffee lineup that will accurately convey the Barrie House Taste cup after cup.