Arabica vs. Robusta

Differences between Arabica and Robusta coffee

Arabica Robusta
Date species described 1753 1895
Chromosomes (2n) 44 22
Time from flower to ripe cherry 9 months 10-11 months
Flowering after rain irregular
Ripe cherries fall stay
Yield (Lb beans/ha) 750-1500 1100-2200
Root system deep shallow
Optimum temperature (yearly average) 59-74° F 74-86° F
Optimal rainfall 1500-2000 mm 2000-3000 mm
Optimum altitude 2400-6000 foot 0-2200 foot
Hemileia vastatrix susceptible resistant
Koleroga susceptible tolerant
Nematodes susceptible resistant
Tracheomycosis resistant susceptible
Coffee berry disease susceptible resistant
Caffeine content of beans 0.8-1.4% 1.7-4.0%
Shape of bean flat oval
Typical brew characteristics acidity bitterness, full
Body average 1.2% average 2.0%