Coffee education and know-how are critical to coffee’s quality: for the grower seeking to yield the best from his harvest; the barista dedicated to delighting his customers and coffee lovers seeking to enjoy the pleasure of a well-made cup in their own homes.

Sharing coffee culture and knowledge is the inspiration behind our passion for perfection. Promoting coffee excellence by conducting the latest coffee research and overseeing the processes behind the journey from bean to cup are daily activities for us. Barrie House’s collective knowledge within our Coffee-pedia enables coffee lovers to become informed and appreciate the best in coffee, beginning with information on responsible cultivation, harvesting and processing techniques and sustainable agriculture.

Coffee-pedia isn’t for professionals only it’s designed to be shared by coffee lovers and spread information about coffee history, basic chemistry and biology, and increase their awareness for the taste and aroma of artisan grown, blended and roasted fine coffees.

For professionals we developed out Università del caffè program which encompasses intensive, hands-on training on coffee preparation and menu development, the latest in coffee business management and marketing, and practical ways to enhance the customer experience.

Coffee may seem a simple drink but it’s anything but simple, coffee is in reality quite complex, it’s a whole universe unto itself. The study of coffees history dates back to the early 1500, starting from a rudimentary exploration of its chemical identity. Today’s coffee research encompasses multiple scientific disciplines including genetics, agronomy, botany, physics, mathematics, chemistry, biochemistry, biology, engineering, physiology and psychology. Our Coffee-pedia is your one source for all your coffee education needs which will continue to expand.

See the care Barrie House takes in sourcing its green coffee and the important part fair trade organic coffee plays in the company.