Università del Caffè

Sharing our passion for coffee perfection through the transfer of knowledge is the inspiration behind our mission to promote coffee culture through our Università del caffè (the University of Coffee).  This program was first introduced in 2005 in the name of coffee excellence, promoting the latest coffee scientific innovations and understanding the coffee journey from seed to cup.

Ongoing education and up to date skills are prerequisites to providing quality coffee: this encompasses all elements throughout the coffee journey from the growers striving to produce the best quality coffee and yield from their harvest; the barista who is committed to indulge his customers cravings at the coffee shop or advising his customers who seek to enjoy the pleasure of a well-made coffee at home.

Università del caffè is divided into a multi-level program structure, with the Barista portion consisting of a rigorous hands-on training of the art and science of coffee preparation, latte art, mixology and menu development, café management, advanced marketing, and ways to enhance the coffee loving customer experience.

The secondary more theoretical portion of the curriculum spans coffee history, science, chemistry, biology, environmentally responsible cultivation, harvesting & processing techniques and sustainable supply chain principles.  It is intended to create enhanced appreciation for the taste and aroma of quality coffee.

The final stage is a combination of hands on and theoretical curriculum focused on the enabling devices used within the café environment. Students acquire an impressive array of skills on different technologies and types of espresso & coffee machines: the different part types, the way in which they are installed and the way in which to solve the main technical problems.

The ultimate goal of the Università del caffè is to elevate baristas into true professionals, taking their rightful place alongside other culinary leaders such as chefs and sommeliers who are recognized for artisanship, technical skill and dedication to craft.

A barista who has graduated all levels of our Università del caffè will possess the unique expertise to prepare excellent coffee, and the knowledge and passion to explain just how and why it came to be.