Training & Support

Our goal is to introduce well accomplished programs and make them successful by transferring our knowledge to your team on key initiatives such as perfection in preparation of beverages, brewing and extraction procedures, innovative recipe creations and customized menu offerings, all the while ensuring they are integrated into simplified operations concepts.

Barrie House provides experienced RFT’s (Regional Field Trainer) dedicated to supporting the everyday needs for your beverage program. We view this support role as a key factor in the commitment to continued growth and evolution of clients’ beverage programs. Some of the RFT primary functions include:

  • On-site support for all store grand openings
  • Routine in-store visits and assessments of all store locations under the comprehensive business vision view
  • Champion the beverage program with spirit and enthusiasm
  • Training designated staff members and management personal

We help you innovate your beverage program through maintenance and continuous innovation by:

  • Providing access to top of the line marketing tools
  • Rapidly going-to-market for new product launches and product revisions
  • Design and branding support based upon your needs and guidelines
  • Finding efficiencies for logistic options and generating competitive offerings based on order optimization

Barrie House training center and unique category boot camp programs for both staff and management helps provide:

  • Focused custom training courses for your beverage program
  • Greater ability to provide excellent KBS (knowledge based services) to your customers
  • Proper usage of all complementary products used within your beverage program and their nutritional data understanding
  • Best practices for operations within your unique beverage program environment
  • Documented proprietary training material and SOP (standard operating procedures) of your beverage program
  • Staff certification through practical and theoretical in depth testing and benchmarking on all knowledge gained
  • A series of factory authorized technical equipment service and maintenance certification programs

We consider ongoing training and support to be at the core of any successful beverage program. The level of commitment to training and support efforts will result in the long term success of your beverage program.