Research & Development

Today’s demanding consumers and their ever increasing sophisticated palettes make managing comprehensive indulgent programs extremely challenging. Whether a private brand or branded program choosing the right products and keeping your offerings relevant requires great innovation to excel in an ferociously competitive business environment.

We at Barrie House invest in creating new concepts to help our clients create theirs. Our commitment is to stay ahead of consumer trends by offering our clients exiting new product solutions through our ongoing commitment to research and development.

Our core competencies in research and development enables us to remain visionaries in the industry in a variety of ways:

  • Forecasting consumer tastes and trends
  • Testing creative formulations and new ingredients
  • Technical labs for formulation
  • Pilot production capabilities
  • Access to application experts–chefs, baristas, mixologists
  • Consumer insights data
  • Beverage & food category research
  • Flavor trends & menu ideas
  • Enhanced coffee cupping sensory evaluation standards
  • Difference/similarity testing
  • Descriptive analysis capabilities
  • Consumer testing & insight labs
  • Focus groups
  • Operational ideas and support
  • Equipment expertise & referrals
  • Development of unique field equipment specifications and workflow plans

The development of new products require careful attention to detail, strong communication and coordination with key client liaisons and their areas of business. Every concept and new product is rigorously scrutinized by a dedicated committee of specialists in coffee, espresso, tea and complementary products. Working closely together with our marketing team ensures successful development of new products.