Private Branding

Private branding is evolving beyond the good, better and best traditional three-tier model, and becoming the critical component towards increasing sales through competitive differentiation. Barrie House will help you define your own brand portfolio or add a new category to your existing offerings in order to foster a connection between your business and consumers in a compelling manner.

When is private branding right for you?

  • Desire to reflect your brand strategy through quality product offerings.
  • Determine to increase customer experience and market share with private branding distinction.
  • Provide high-quality premium products at competitive costs and increased margins.
  • Aspire to create a look and feel within your environment through private branding targeting customer loyalty.
  • Ready to provide strategic space allocation and product placements for your private brand.
  • Able and ready to commit funding and resources to private branding objectives.

Private Label Gains in Customer Perception*

  • More shoppers purchased private brands compared to the previous year.
  • 98% of shoppers purchase private brand food items or cleaning products at least some of the time.
  • The high level of awareness translates into frequent purchases.
  • Consumer selections are no-longer based on price point alone but also high quality.
  • Best of breed retailers benefit by ensuring they offer the right product at the right price.
  • Retailers who understand shoppers’ demands for both private and national brand products and categories can drive an increase of private label growth.

2016 Private Label Yearbook

Store brand sales in the U.S. reached $118.4 billion in 2015, an all-time record. An increase of $2.2 billion over the previous year. In just the past two years, annual sales of store brands have increased +5%, or $5.4 billion, in the combined channels. Store brand dollar share came in at 17.7%, also the highest mark ever according to the 2016 Private Label Yearbook published by the Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA). Read full summary See more details.

* Study published by Market Force Information