Coffee Procurement

Barrie House green coffees are procured with consideration for both product profile (taste, aroma and appearance), the intended application, and type of offering or market segment requirements. We prefer to purchase all our green coffee through a well established network of experienced trade partners, allowing us to focus on the art and science of coffee roasting.

An important part of our coffee procurement strategy is monitoring volume and position of the coffee commodity market by following purchase data, supply and demand reports, climatic and environmental conditions to optimize market hedging strategies.

Because quality is a subjective term in green coffee we often discuss and consider these points in determining the right coffees to procure:

  • Solely focusing on green defects or grading is a singular view of quality, we go above and beyond to ensure comprehensive quality all the way to the final brewed cup best suited for our clients.
  • Determine the best attributes for each bean type and application.
  • Consistency in sourcing is critical to our success with a rigorous effort to maintain the characteristics from lot to lot and from year to year.
  • Purchase current crop coffees for peak flavor.
  • We look for quality, value and sustainability. High cost does not always guarantee a better product.
  • Specialize in sourcing core, premium, exotic, limited availability, micro lots and seasonal offerings to accommodate every market niche.

Our procurement team assists customers in proprietary contract management by:

  • Providing assistance in determining the right green coffee purchasing techniques and strategies.
  • Supplying historical data, current market information and trends.
  • Advising customers when and how much coffee to hedge as opportunities emerge on a timely basis.
  • Summarizing coffee contract documentation and reports enables customers to monitor their volume and position.

See the care Barrie House takes in sourcing its green coffee and the important part fair trade organic coffee plays in the company.

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