Organic Fair Trade Sumatra Kopi GR-1 Espresso Capsules

Sumatra espresso nespresso with-capsule
These heirloom plants take on intense floral aromas due to the high altitudes and cold evening temperatures they endure, resulting in a more intensely sweet and floral cup of coffee. This fine espresso is fair trade, organic and compatible with *Nespresso® brand and compatible machines.

Origin: Asia

Intensity Meter: 8

100% Arabica Coffee
100% Organic Certified Coffee
100% Fair Trade Certified Coffee

About our Pure Origin Espressos
Barrie House Pure Origin includes coffees with unique and striking characters. Each sourced from a single country of origin in selected territories. Smartly designed to be enjoyed in a a short cup, 25ml (ristretto) or 40ml (espresso) cup and long cup, 110ml.

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For use in Nespresso® brand or compatible machines.
*Nespresso® is a registered trademark of Societe des Produite Nestle S.A.