Our Roots

Our business has its roots deeply planted in the entrepreneurial spirit and effort that fueled the growth of our great country in the early part of the 20th century. Coffee roasting is now both a business and a culture for generations of our family. We love coffee and we are inspired by the visibility and enthusiasm consumers now have for high quality coffee and specialty beverages. This inspiration fuels our desire to find the next great bean, delicious recipe or technical element to complement our vision for coffee perfection. It is a journey that will fortunately never end.

Our Industry

As the food and beverage industry and our company continue to expand in size and scope, the need for more powerful management systems and technology become critical. We first adopted a continuous improvement philosophy and then broadened our business refinement practices in areas of Research and Development, Information Technology and Quality Assurance. Today we are focused on upgrades and advancements to our systems in order to improve our performance and enhance our customer’s experience from bean to cup and beyond.

Our Company

Founded in 1934 as a local coffee roaster, Barrie House is now a leading manufacturer of traditional and single cup beverage products. We source the finest ingredients from farmers and supply chain partners we trust and artfully transform them into the best in class products with fair and sustainable pricing.

As we grow our business we remain committed to the value of innovation and the expectation we have for daily improvement of everything we do for our business and our customers.