Our vision for a better world is approached through our carbon footprint reduction in six key areas:

  • Responsible manufacturing
  • Eco-friendly facilities
  • Efficient supply chain and logistics
  • Reduction in non-renewable materials
  • Investing in sustainable products

What We Have Done

  • Increased domestic outreach programs.
  • Launched a new initiative aimed at better understanding, mitigating, and reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Select supply chain partners with strong eco-friendly policies.
  • Increased the amount of Fair Trade Certified coffee pounds shipped.
  • Increased the amount of certified organic coffee pounds shipped.
  • Achieved our goal in reducing raw manufacturing materials.

Our Plans for the Future

  • Expand our support of social projects in origin countries.
  • Promote company-wide dedication of volunteering time.
  • Design a new framework for outreach in the communities surrounding our production facilities to encourage strong local employee leadership.
  • Aim to achieve an additional reduction in our energy metric and an additional reduction in our waste-to-landfill metric for our production facilities.
  • Introduce new packaging options utilizing renewable materials.

Environmentally Friendly Solutions

We focus on constantly raising the bar for seeking out the most environmentally friendly solutions, such as recycling. We currently recycle around 85% of all of our materials which includes laminate, foil, PET, poly, nylon, corrugated boxes, office paper as well as using a majority of post-consumer materials incorporated into our raw materials.