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Deep Discounts on Discontinued Flavored Coffees

Posted on: April 21st, 2017 by Andre Desomier No Comments

Stock Up and Save before We Say Goodbye to These Coffees

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bag-2.5-lb-Creme-Brulee-1200X1200Barrie House Creme Brulee 2.5 lb Whole Bean Bag SOLD OUT bag-2.5-lb-Salted-Caramel-1200X1200Barrie House Salted Caramel 2.5 lb Whole Bean Bag bag-2.5-lb-Jammin-Jamaican-1200X1200-2Barrie House Jammin Jamaican 2.5 lb Ground Bag SOLD OUT
bag-2.5-lb-Hawaiian-Coconut-1200X1200Barrie House Hawaiian Coconut 2.5 lb Whole Bean Bag
bag-2.5-lb-Orange-Cappuccino-1200X1200Barrie House Orange Cappuccino 2.5 lb Whole Bean Bag bag-2.5-lb-Chocolate-Hazelnut-1200X1200Barrie House Chocolate Hazelnut 2.5 lb Whole Bean Bag SOLD OUT
fto-peppermint-barkBarrie House Fair Trade Organic Peppermint BarkSingle Serve Capsules 24 ct 2.0-Pumpkin-Spice-Pie-24ct-2.0-Box_1024x1024Barrie House Pumpkin Spice PieSingle Serve Capsules 24 ct 10ct_FTO-Blueberry-cream-1000X1000Barrie House Fair Trade Organic Blueberry CreamSingle Serve Capsules 8/10 ct

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Chocolate Lovers 25% Off SALE

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Enjoy 25% off on these products. Sale ends on February 15, 2014.