Manual Pourover

Manual pourover drip is a highly effective brewing method that anyone can perform without being a barista.  Brewing coffee in the manual pourover is the most economical method to make outstanding coffee. It is a very gratifying easy hand-crafted brew.  All you need is good quality paper filter (bleached / unbleached) or hemp filter, a filter cone holder, hot water and ensuring that the coffee grounds are thoroughly wet.

Start by boiling fresh filtered cold water and when the water is near a boil – only then grind your coffee. Ground coffee loses a lot of its aromatics in the first minute after being ground so try to coordinate the timing of this step with bringing the water to a boil. Now stir the brewing slurry while it’s floating up top and once all the water passed through the filter stir the finished pot.

The more holes a filter cone has or the more porous the paper or hemp fiber mash is, the more you need to take care in how fast or slow you add the water, essentially adding water slowly and carefully to maintain the thermal mass of the coffee and draw out the infusion time.

Handcrafted Manual Pourover:

  • Place your filter into your filter cone holder and use a splash of hot water to pre-wet paper filters (for some extra infusion and to avoid paper taste–be sure to discard the water used for pre-wetting).
  • Place the filter cone holder above the designated brewing vessel.
  • Heat freshly drawn water to a boil and allow it to come off the boil
  • Measure and grind 1.6 – 2.0 grams of freshly ground coffee per fluid ounce of water. Make sure to grind the coffee to a medium fine texture.
  • Add ground coffee to filter.
  • With a gentle pour, saturate the grounds with water (195 – 205 F), allowing the coffee to pre-infuse and open up and draw the flavors within them to the surface. Add only enough water to infuse the ground coffee and stop before brewed coffee starts to flow.
  • Now gently pour the remaining water and regulate the brewing time (3½ – 4¾  minutes total) by slowing or stopping the pour as needed.
  • Keeping the water level in the filter cone between ½ and ¾ full in the cone is recommended for maximum extraction.
  • Drink and enjoy your handcrafted labor of love!