Packaging World Publishes Barrie House Case Study

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In a case study published by Packaging World, insights and details are gained when delving into the Barrie House single cup capsule manufacturing lines. The case study first acknowledges the Barrie House patent capsule with its components and intricacies including recyclable cup, foil lid and paper filter.

Barrie House Director of Sales and Marketing, Shay Zohar shares with Packaging World Pat Reynolds the decision as early as 2008 to make sustainable packaging a key objective from the start.

Mr. Zohar emphasizes how problem solving with essential key machine suppliers became a collaborative process in the journey towards developing their first single cup capsule production line.

Barrie House Oracle ERP system brings true recipe driven manufacturing to the plant floor. “Our ERP system drives the whole business from scheduling to production to inventory updates and more. We enter a work order and every piece of machinery gets its commands automatically from the ERP software,” describes Mr. Zohar.

The case study is technical but equally important depicts how Barrie House worked with trusted partners, who then became enmeshed in the collaborative process of creating a best-in-class single cup capsule production line, four of them.

Download Case Study Here.

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Machine cuts, places and stitches paper filters
Fiber Laser Marker for imprinting lot and date codes
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