Barrie House Capsules Now 2.0 Compatible

Posted on: January 30th, 2015 by Andre Desomier 5 Comments

Barrie House Coffee fans can now choose to make their favorite Barrie House Coffee Single Cup Capsules in their Keurig 2.0 coffee brewing machines.

In late 2014 Keurig introduced coffee brewing machines called Keurig 2.0. They are a closed system that works only with a special digital readable label dubbed 2.0. If customers use a non-compliant 2.0 capsule such as an older Keurig k-cup or one of thousands of other cups, designed to work with Keurig K-cup machines, they will receive an “Oops!” message and the machine will not work.

Barrie House Hawaiian Kona Hapa Single Cup Capsules are now Keurig 2.0 Compatible. The new compliant 2.0 lids will be phased into all Barrie House single cup capsules. The 2.0 formated lid will work for customers who have a regular Keurig coffee machine as well.

bh-lids-2.0-hawaiian-kona-hapa500X500Hawaiian Kona Hapa 2.0 compatible Box
Barrie House Hawaiian Kona Hapa Single Cup Capsules Keurig 2.0 Compatible

For use in Keurig® 2.0 and Keurig®K-Cup® brewing machines. Barrie House Coffee® has no affiliation with Keurig® Inc. or K-Cup®. Keurig® and K-Cup® are registered trademark of Keurig Green Mountain Inc.

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  • Amanda

    This is excellent coffee!

    • Barrie House

      Thank you!

  • John D Moghabghab

    I just want to say we absolutely love Barrie House Coffee in our house. The fact that you put more coffee in your K-cups and use great technology made us loyal Barrie House customers right after we found you on Then our Kuerig machine broke and we decided to upgrade our machine to the new 2.0. We were not aware of the new proprietary ink problem with our Kcups we already own. So we see that you now have your Kona single serve 2.0 compatible. I think that is great but we are big Barrie House Hazelnut lovers. Any chance you will be transitioning all of your K-cups or at least more of them. Thank you for your Awesome Coffee!!! John M

    • Barrie House

      Thank you for being a fan. We will be phasing in 2.0 capsules into our product line, so friend us on facebook or register with our newsletter (see footer below) to find out the latest news and offers about our products. But until 2.0 Ultimate Hazelnut capsules are available keep drinking 2.0 Kona Hawaiian Hapa capsules!!!

      • John D Moghabghab

        Thank you for the reply and we cannot wait for when the rest of your amazing coffees are 2.0 compatible. I’m totally spreading the word to friends and family.