Barrie House Coffee Intensity Meter

Posted on: October 22nd, 2013 by Andre Desomier No Comments

Barrie House has adopted a coffee intensity meter as a way to inform customers of the end taste experience of our coffees and help them make selecting an item easier.

The intensity of a coffee is determined by the degree of roasting, its body and its bitterness; but bears no relation to the percentage of caffeine in the coffee.

The Barrie House scale ranges from 10 to 3 (we don’t roast any coffees below 3). Below are the intensities associated with some of our coffees:

Intensity meter 10 Espresso Roast

Intensity meter 9 French Roast, Italian Roast

Intensity meter 8 Sumatra Kopi GR-1, Summer Blend

Intensity meter 7Colombian Reserve; Costa Rican Tarrazu

Intensity meter 6 Jammin Jamaican, French Vanilla,
Ultimate Hazelnut (All our flavored coffees)

Intensity meter 5Breakfast Blend, Donut Shop Blend

Intensity meter 4Guatemala Guaya’b

Intensity meter 3 Decaf Fair Trade Organic Classic

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