Barrie House Introduces New Label System

Posted on: September 12th, 2013 by Andre Desomier No Comments

new case label animated

Our new labeling system provides tremendous amounts of information providing customers more efficiencies and transparencies.

new case label GTIN#

Left Barcode: GTIN # & UPC #

New case label date #

Right Barcode:Date produced (mm/dd/yy) / Work Order #

New Case label center


  • Barrie House Item Code
  • Company logo
  • Kosher Agency (Orthodox Union)
  • Dry Product Name
new case label bottom


  • Units per Case
  • Package weight / volume
  • Net Weight within the case
  • Storage & Handling information
  • Ingredients
  • Best by date
  • Manufactured By line includes company name and address
  • Optional: Unique customer ID code
  • Optional: FD# code for more efficient processing
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