Flavored Coffee – Flavor Application

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When coffee is flavored the process begins after the beans are roasted. First the roasted beans  must be quickly cooled before flavorings can be applied. Flavoring the beans while they are still hot can destroy some of the flavor compounds. At Barrie House we perform the cooling step by water misting the hot beans or as we call it ’quenching’. This is a quick process that ensures the desired roast profile will not evolve to a darker shade then desired as a result of thermal heat generated inside the beans during roasting. In addition, we often further cool the beans by jets of cool air.

The appropriate amount of flavoring used is determined before flavor oils can be added to the roasted beans. The amount used typically varies between 2-3%. This amount refers to three pounds of flavor oil added to 100 pounds of roasted beans. The amount of flavoring depends primarily on the type of flavor and its intensity, as well as the type of bean used and its roast level.

he quantity of flavors applied to the beans is largely established by experimental trial and error, in which test batches of beans are flavored with small quantities of oil until the desired characteristics are achieved.

Flavors are typically added to roasted beans before they are ground. The beans are placed in a large mixer which is specially designed to gently tumble the beans without damaging them. The flavors are introduced via a pressurized spray mechanism that breaks the oils into tiny droplets and allows for more effective mixing. Oils need to be added to the beans very gradually to prevent highly concentrated flavor areas called hot spots. The beans are agitated for a set amount of time to evenly distribute the flavor. This process may take 15-30 minutes depending on the batch size and mixing characteristics of the oil. When the beans are properly coated, they take on a glossy finish indicating a uniform distribution of oils.

Flavored coffees must be activated by a sweetener in order to taste them, otherwise you will be taking in the flavor as an aroma.